My First Two 100-Word Stories Have Been Published Online

“Do you write fiction?”


And until recently, that has been the end of the conversation. As a busy web content writer, the last thing I’ve wanted to do is further strain my wrists by typing when I don’t have to. But recently, the creative urge has been stronger than the pain in my wrist.

And I discovered 100-word stories – full stories told in exactly 100 words.

These aren’t character sketches or teasers. Instead, they’re thoughtful, funny or poignant complete stories that have been stripped down to their essential parts. Since I was trained as a journalist in college, I know about keeping word choices, sentence structure and concepts simple. So why not apply my skill and desire for simplicity to some fiction?

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had my first two 100-word stories published online at Friday Flash Fiction.

While being published is really exciting for lots of writers, my first journalism work was published when I was 17, and I had computer programs published in a magazine even before that. I publish online all the time, and my web content clients publish my work almost daily. So this isn’t new to me.

Still, it’s fun to see my name online in a new concept.

Have a look at these two pieces, then offer your comments on the Friday Flash Fiction site if you want:

Here To Help

A Wild Tingling

My adventure with fiction writing is just beginning, so keep watching as I take you along with me.

Photo: Pixabay