Reintroducing My Simple Living Book, Eliminate The Silliness

Simple is better.

It’s been my life’s philosophy from the beginning.

I’ve always preferred to live a simple, meaningful life rather than one filled with lots of nonsense. Still, clutter accumulates. When I started writing my simple living blog So Much More Life more than a decade ago, I began the process of eliminating clutter in all its forms from my life. I had a lot less to get rid of than most people, but I still carted away load after load of useless items and reexamined every aspect of my life as I got serious about resetting my priorities.

I no longer write a simple living blog – So Much More Life is a completed project – but I’ve never stopped believing in the idea that less is more in just about everything.

In 2015, I compiled some of the best posts from So Much More Life into a Kindle book. The posts were popular on the blog – and I knew they deserved to reach a wider audience. I carefully re-edited each post and made sure each one was perfect for its new life.

But looking back a few months ago, I realized the posts weren’t so perfect after all. Now, I’m reintroducing the book – completely re-edited and improved. It’s better and more useful than ever. Have you read it yet?

Going Inside The Book

My simple living book is better than ever.

Eliminate The Silliness: Enjoy Simple, Minimalist Living Without A Lot Of Nonsense is about living a deliberately simple life without a lot of the ridiculousness that so many people surround themselves with. It’s not just about decluttering your house. It’s about removing from your life the ideas, attitudes and maybe even the people that don’t help you achieve your best.

The book includes more than 30 essays – chosen from nearly 250 posts on So Much More Life. Some of the chosen essays are practical. Some are spiritual. A few are, well, whimsical or even a little strange. The goal is to cause you and everyone who reads it to reexamine your lives and work toward living more deliberately and less accidentally.

You can decide how to read this book. When you read one essay a day, it offers a month’s worth of motivation toward a simpler life. You can also use the clickable table of contents to choose the topics that most appeal to you today.

You Don’t Need A Kindle To Read It

Here are the answers to two questions you may have.

Why would you publish your work as a Kindle book that can only be purchased through one bookseller? Amazon is the largest bookseller in the world and the first place many people turn for everything from paper towels to paperbacks and more. That means that publishing for Kindle doesn’t limit the audience but instead opens it up. If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can still read Eliminate The Silliness. In fact, most Kindle readers use the Kindle app for their phone, not a dedicated Kindle device. Kindle apps are available for Android and iOS as well as for desktop computers.

Why not write something new instead of re-releasing an old book? The purpose of Eliminate The Silliness is to help my simple words about simple living find a bigger audience on the world’s biggest marketplace. The book’s re-release is to correct errors and improve the quality of the writing. But I’ve also recently written a short and simple new book: What To Do With 5 Minutes. It’s all original, previously unpublished content. We’ll talk about it in more detail some other time.

Whether you buy one of my books or not, please remember to eliminate ridiculousness from your life and live more simply. It’s a good idea.

Visit Amazon to learn more about Eliminate The Silliness and to order now.

Image: Pixabay, edited