Life Lesson From A Tumultuous (But Improving) Life

I once thought I would write a book called 54 Lessons From A Tumultuous (But Improving) Life. I thought that for about a week in 2020, made some notes, then moved on to something else. The number 54 was arbitrary, and I intended to change it when I came up with the real number of life lesson I felt comfortable offering the world. In my notes, I stalled out at 17.

Now, with my 50th birthday approaching, the book idea abandoned in favor of something else and my life still tumultuous, still improving and still not quite as it should be, I’m sharing without elaboration the 17 life lessons I’m certain about. Here we go:

1. It’s sometimes impossible to understand what others are trying to do.

2. Simple is better in almost everything.

3. Politics is a silly game played by ridiculous people.

4. Religion is for life’s beginners and can be outgrown.

5. Words matter.

6. Gazing at nature helps.

7. Silence is always, always OK.

8. Games are not enemies of intelligent people.

9. Hobbies are essential but evolve.

10. Success is a made-up concept.

11. Healing can happen back through time.

12. Money isn’t meant to stagnate.

13. Social media is for glancing, not delving.

14. Pain both derails and strengthens.

15. Travel isn’t always necessary or fun.

16. How you dress doesn’t matter.

17. Integrity matters.

This isn’t a complete list of the lessons I’ve learned in my life’s first 50 years, but it’s complete for now. What would your list include?