Why Gip’s Front Yard?

Welcome to Gip’s Front Yard.

There’s a grand tradition here in lower-middle-class rural Texas. Put the things you have to share with the world in your front yard — out by the curb near your trash can — and wait a couple of hours. Someone will come by and take what they like.

It’s not stealing. It’s an understanding between someone who has something too good to throw away and those who can use it. If it’s left it in the front yard by the curb, it’s free for the taking.

When I have something good enough to share, I put it here for everyone to enjoy. Because the Internet works better than the real world, you can all take it, benefit from it and enjoy it. Even the last person to come by — you perhaps, detained by life’s little situations — gets a good selection.

You can all choose to ignore it too.

You see, things left at the curb that don’t get taken — perhaps because they aren’t as good as you though they were — are already in the right place to be hauled away with the rubbish.

I almost called this site Gip’s Backyard, but backyards are where we Texans pile up and hide the things we’re ashamed of. That’s why backyards are sometimes fenced in. Backyards hide our mistakes; front yards show off what we’re willing to admit.

I’m not ashamed of anything.

So what kinds of things will you find on this site? Have a look and see for yourself. I write the usual array of personal essays and list posts plus interesting and unique essays about living and playing in and around Fort Worth, Texas. You’ll see a recipe for a pantry chocolate cake, a great green chile stew and more. You may even notice a business or restaurant review from time to time. There really are no boundaries — despite the site having “fence” in its title.

Forget the white picket fence. Both my front yard and my backyard are open to all visitors. The stuff up front is better though.

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