Why I’m Sharing My Old Blog Posts On Facebook

If you’ve been paying close attention to my Facebook account, you’ll notice that I’ve been sharing my old (and new) blog posts from around the Internet two or three times a week. But why? Is it about search engines or link juice? Could boosting the ranking of my sites be the reason?

My sites may benefit from a boost in traffic because of my recent habit of sharing posts on Facebook, but that’s not why I’m doing it. Keep reading for an explanation.

Hiding In Plain Sight

In addition to my writing work for clients and my blog posts under pseudonyms that are designed to make money, for well over a decade I’ve been writing and posting articles for my own amusement and to give dozens and sometimes hundreds of readers something to think about.

But most people who know me well have never seen any of my work.

In other words, my writing work has been hiding in plain sight from my friends and family for years. Strangers and other bloggers who are fans of my work have been reading my thoughts and commenting on them for years. But I’ve posted very little of my work on Facebook and never mention it to anyone. So why haven’t I shared each post on Facebook as I’ve written it?

Truthfully, I’m still a little embarrassed to share myself with those around me – and it’s about time to get over that. Clients around the world have accepted the quality of my writing and paid me for it, so my text is unlikely to be so terrible that one of my educated friends, one of the other writers who sees my feed or my middle school English teachers will be offended by it.

But I often express opinions. And sometimes, the thoughts I share are personal, controversial or involve people who may be reading. As anyone who has ever spoken to a counselor knows, it can sometimes be easier to communicate with a stranger than with people you know – whose opinions you may care about.

It’s About A More Integrated Life

Now, I feel more compelled than ever before to show you – whoever you are who happens to be reading this post – what I’ve written. There may be a grammatical error or typo here or there, and I don’t care. There may be an opinion with which you disagree, and I’m not concerned. You may detect a note of pain, a bit of anger or something a bit weird about me, but it doesn’t matter to me if you do.

For my life to be its best, it’s more necessary to me than ever before that everyone is on the same page – that the same version of me is available to all who know me or come in contact with me. All the parts of my life are coming together, linking up, gaining coordination and morphing me into the most complete version of myself possible.

If you don’t understand the need for that to happen in my life, you probably haven’t felt that need in your life yet.

And then there’s this: Words written into a vacuum are cathartic, but text isn’t meant to get lost. Words deserve to be read.