Saginaw Little Free Library #45268 May Not Want To Be Found

Little Free Libraries with charter signs and numbers must choose to be listed on the Little Free Library World Map if they want the world to find them. If not, they’re essentially in hiding – limiting their reach and impact.

In Saginaw, Texas, LFL #45268 is a modest little structure that apparently doesn’t want to be found. We happened upon it while playing the geolocation game Flagstack – which involves collecting virtual flags – in October 2018. This LFL is deep inside a relatively new housing subdivision off East Bailey Boswell Road. (Since the owner may not want it to be found, we won’t share the exact address or coordinates.)

It has a shady spot under some trees near the community pool – but the recent harsh weather has taken its toll. The simple plywood structure is holding together after our hot winter and rainy fall, but the paint is failing and the wood shows signs of water damage. The sparse contents were mostly surviving, but some were water damaged. And since we hadn’t planned a visit, we didn’t have anything to add.

Honestly, this is a nice subdivision, and it deserves a better Little Free Library. When we return to visit it again, we’re hoping the structure has been spruced up and the contents upgraded.

It looks like there are 3 published LFLs on the map in the Saginaw area at the moment. I’m hoping each Little Free Library we find in the future is worthy of its neighborhood – and worthy of the goals of the founder of the movement, Todd Bol, who died recently. Everyone deserves easy access to great books – and the chance at a better life that being open and aware can provide.

(This post was written for a blogging project that has been discontinued — but it lives on here in my Front Yard.)