Are These 6-Word Stories Any Good?

Before I decided to forget about exploring fiction writing (for the moment) and refocus on my clients, blog, website projects and other nonfiction writing, I explored several kinds of short fiction.

I even wrote some 6-word stories. Yes, stories told in a simple sextet of words are really a thing.

They’re a type of flash fiction — a loosely defined category of complete stories told in very few words. Flash fiction could be 50, 100, 500 or 1,000 words. Or it could be reduced to one of its simplest forms, just 6 words. A number of websites focus on this form, including the one simply titled Six Word Stories. The work most often cited as the first of this type is usually attributed (probably incorrectly) to Ernest Hemingway:

For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

It tells a tale of loss quickly and effectively, doesn’t it? The idea is to write a 6-word story that’s complete as it is. And it’s harder than you might imagine.

But I have to admit that I never spent the time to master these extra-brief stories.

What do you think of my 8 best attempts below? Are these 6-word stories any good? Email me, message me or leave a comment here. I would very much like to know what you think.

Jenna was fired. The cannon worked.

Olivia replied. But Jeff left early.

The horsefly sang “Hallelujah!” Raid’s over.

The DJ’s late. Panic at the disco.

Greg pleaded sincerely. She laughed riotously.

Aaron’s life drained. Carl finally relaxed.

I expected rain. I got gushing.

Larry left alone; Bill regretted accusing.