A Fictional Change Of Heart (And A Silly Story About A Cow!)

In recent months, I’ve dabbled with fiction writing, humor, jokes and other little bits and pieces. I’ve considered writing a book of short stories or 100-word flash fiction. I even submitted 4 or 5 pieces to contests and online publishers.

But my heart isn’t really in it.

I’ve decided that delving deeply into fiction writing isn’t for me. I trained as a journalist and make money now as a web content writer. I prefer to write real stuff. It’s as simple as that. Besides, there are plenty of fiction writers in the world.

Still, I’ve written a few bits and pieces that I want to share. Here in my Front Yard, I can publish whatever I want, so I’m putting up some of my creative writing — starting with a 150-word story you might or might not like.

So here’s a slightly funny story about a baby cow. It’s a silly story.

Not The Smartest Cow

My mother isn’t the smartest cow. I knew this from the day I was born.

Just a few minutes after I emerged, she shuddered a few times and took a step or two toward the feed trough before pausing.

She looked over her shoulder.

“Who the hell are you?” she asked. That was my first indication.

Realizing she was forgetting her manners and not using the most eloquent language, she blushed as much as any cow can.

“I don’t remember seeing you before,” she continued. “My name’s Elsie. What’s yours?”

Knowing instinctively that cattle name themselves in the first few moments of life, I rather quickly responded, “Hello Elsie, I’m Stuart.”

It was a few days later when I had my second indication that her intelligence was lacking. I realized it when I heard the landowner talking to a farmhand about her.

Her name isn’t Elsie.

Photo: Pixabay